Name: Margaret Meyers of BrooklynVolunteer work/interests...

Volunteer spotlight

January 10, 1993

Name: Margaret Meyers of Brooklyn

Volunteer work/interests: At 84, don't tell Margaret Meyers to slow down. She's not about to.

A volunteer in the Community Relations office at Harbor Hospital, she says she does whatever has to be done, but mainly works at clerical duties -- something she did as an employee of USF & G in Baltimore for 46 years.

She began her volunteer work in the hospital lobby in the summer of 1989, but soon requested an assignment that would give her more to do.

Ms. Meyers usually works 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. one day a week, but works longer when the need arises. She has volunteered more than 800 hours at the hospital.

"They're so sweet to me," she says of hospital administrators such as April Stannon, her supervisor, and Ann Heil, the hospital's volunteer coordinator. "It's a pleasure to work with them. I look forward to Thursdays."

She frequently returns to one of the hospital's meeting rooms on Friday evenings to meet with the Oncology Support Group. With the hospital's chaplin, Ken Phelps, she lends a friendly ear to cancer patients and their families.

In some ways, she says she has worked harder volunteering at the hospital and in church than before she retired 20 years ago from USF & G.

Ms. Meyers, a member of Lee Street Memorial Baptist for 66 years, writes and edits the monthly church newsletter, the "Beacon."

She writes thank-you notes to contributors to the Inner Harbor Ministry, which supports area soup kitchens.

Ms. Meyers says she plans to keep doing volunteer and church work as long as she can, because she feels a sense of fulfilment in the effort -- an attitude, she says, that was passed down from her father.

Since she retired, she's been a member of the "Mothers Club" that meets in the Mission Center in South Baltimore, where she helps persuade church and community groups to provide entertainment for what has become an organization of mostly elderly women.

Ms. Meyers never had children of her own, but says she sort of "adopted" about 100 children, and tries to help them in any way possible.

Organization's comments: "She's a wonderful person, a delight and an inspiration to us all," says Ann Heil, volunteer coordinator for Harbor Hospital.

Volunteer's comment: "After you get to be 84, you just roll with the punches," Ms. Meyers says. "My friends are everything to me. I don't want to just sit. I want to see what's going on."

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