From The Sun Jan. 10-16, 1843Jan. 11: The Eastern Mail...


January 10, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 10-16, 1843

Jan. 11: The Eastern Mail, due in this city yesterday afternoon at half-past two o'clock, in consequence of an accident which occurred to the locomotive, was delayed nearly four hours, arriving here at twenty minutes past six o'clock.

Jan. 12: A young lady in Mobile, a few nights ago, dreamt that her lover had snatched from her a rapturous and burning kiss. She immediately awoke and found a rat nibbling at her lips.

From The Sun Jan. 10-16, 1893

Jan. 11: The Carroll County jail has contained not nearly so many tramps this winter as in former years. This is partly due to the course State's Attorney Fink is pursuing of sending all tramps to the House of Correction.

Jan. 12: At its annual commencement next June the Johns Hopkins University will bestow the first degree it has ever allowed to any woman. This degree is that of doctor of philosophy, and the fortunate recipient of it will be Miss Florence Bascom, of Williamstown, Mass.

From The Sun Jan. 10-16, 1943

Jan. 11: The ban on automobile pleasure driving changed the whole picture of a Baltimore Sunday yesterday. It sent thousands of Sunday motorists to streetcars and buses. On many lines standing room was at a premium.

Jan. 12: A petition has been filed with Maryland's Court of Appeals asking a rehearing and modification of its recent opinion that Negroes should be prohibited from playing golf on any municipal courses in Baltimore with the exception of the Carroll Park links.

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