Transcending Boundaries How the Grains of Hope project was concieved

Editor's note

January 10, 1993|By Michael Davis

We depart from our standard format this Sunday to make room for something unexpected.

Most weeks, Sun Magazine's cover story pertains to an issue peculiar to Chesapeake life. On this day, we venture to Africa for a story that transcends geographic boundaries.

In early December, The Sun dispatched three staff members to Somalia, including photographer Bo Rader. During a two-week assignment there, he provided stunning deadline news pictures for The Sun and Evening Sun. His photographs amplified and expanded the urgent journalism produced by Sun correspondents Richard O'Mara and Richard Sia. (In a major report in August, O'Mara, chief of our London bureau, alerted our readers to the horrific tales of starvation and plunder in Somalia. He returned to Africa in advance of the United States' military intervention in December.)

When Rader returned and debriefed his editors about what he had seen and photographed, they realized only a fraction of what he had shot had made it into this newspaper. As a result, we scrapped what we had planned for today and made room for the story and pictures that begin on Page 6.

This is not meant to be our summary statement about the strife in Somalia. Our newspaper's commitment to this story is ongoing. Rather, it is our way of sharing a part of the story in a way that Rader would -- if he could talk to all of you personally.

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