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January 08, 1993

Good Medicine

An article concerning the medical practice of Dr. A. Shamim of Laurel appeared in the Dec. 19 edition of The Sun.

The content is antagonistic and biased, as the Maryland Board ** of Physician Quality Assurance has sought repeatedly to suspend his doctor's license.

In reality, Dr. Shamim is a credit to the practice of alternative or holistic health care. He has been a respected surgeon who came to the conviction that there may be a better alternative than radical surgery and/or destroying a person's natural immune system with repeated doses of antibiotics.

U.S. medical schools, the American Medical Association, and the Food and Drug Administration have largely discredited nutritional education. Most practicing physicians are nutritionally ignorant and do not even believe in the value of vitamin and mineral therapy.

But current studies have indicated that this blind-sided approach is inadequate, that what you eat significantly affects your well-being. Put low quality fuel in your car and see how poorly it runs!

Dr. Shamim has practiced nutritional therapy successfully for 12 years, helping hundreds of patients who have not had success with conventional treatments. Dr. Neil Solomon has testified in his behalf. His patients have written affidavits and testified, but the attacks on his competence have continued.

Many of these issues have already been resolved in previous legal battles. Both conventional and non-conventional medical practitioners are needed. The issue is not either/or, but both/and. Dr. Shamim uses treatment approaches that detoxify and assist the body's own healing process.

We have found him to be a good diagnostician; he is thorough, very knowledgeable and responsive to the patient's needs.

Thomas H. Mehnert


No Animal Derivatives

The recent controversy surrounding the food labeling regulations demonstrates deep concern over what people are eating and how diet affects health.

A simple way for consumers to avoid too much fat and all cholesterol is to look at the list of ingredients, or simpler yet, to look for the "V" label. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is getting a positive response to the label from food companies that market healthful, totally vegetarian foods, from soups and spaghetti sauces to cake mixes and cookies.

The vegan label assures the consumer that a product contains no hidden milk, gelatin and other animal derivatives and is free of cholesterol, which occurs only in animal-derived foods. Such products are probably also low in or devoid of saturated fats and thus more healthful than any artery-clogging meat this or cheese that.

Christine Jackson


Stupid Hysteria on Parking

Your Dec. 20 article "Holiday Inferno" -- about the parking situation at Towson Town Center -- was irresponsible and stupid.

Creating negative "news" in this manner, just when the long suffering retail industry is beginning to recover, is absolutely unnecessary.

Developers spend a lot of money adding retail focal points to create "downtown" atmospheres in suburban areas.

Any grouping of shops is supposed to draw shoppers and at Christmas time "a lot of shoppers." I'm sure the merchants of Towson Town Center were overjoyed to see their parking ramps full.

We all should be trying our best to get and keep the economy moving. Where's your spirit?

Sinclair Russell


It was with some dismay that I read on the front page of The Sun the huge article labeled "Holiday Inferno" and subtitled, "Parking at Towson Town Center not for faint of heart."

The article went on to say that the structure has been variously labeled, "spooky" "intimidating," "nightmare" and "outrageous."

One year ago the press was eagerly pointing out the paucity of shoppers, lamenting the lack of buying and indicating the decline in the volume of business.

Then, as shoppers prepared to make 1992 a better year for the merchants, The Sun saw fit to print a lead article all but daring a shopper to go to a mall.

This is a great shot in the arm for a struggling economy. After reading the article, indeed only the fearless would press onward to support the stores in the malls.

The public would be better served to have the media stop fomenting hysteria on every front, and report news in a responsible manner -- responsible to all those who could be adversely affected by exaggerated exhortations.

Of course there were traffic jams; of course there were crowds. It was the holiday season, and people were out shopping.

Aren't we all happy for this? We deserve better from the press.

William F. Fritz


The problems of the parking garages at Towson Town Center have recently been treated in these pages with wit and hyperbole.

However, there is a positive side to having this complex in one's neighborhood.

It has become something of a cliche to show out-of-town guests the new mall.

Here in Towson we can take them on an exciting motor tour of the parking facilities.

Robert C. Tompkins


Taking Lives

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