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January 08, 1993

Taneytown bars rezoning of site for residential use

The Taneytown Planning and Zoning Commission has decided not to accommodate a potential buyer's request to rezone a piece of property in town from industrial to residential.

The Delaski property, across Frederick Street from the Evapco plant, is vacant. But commission members said that they do not want to lose any of the city's industrial land.

"If they still want to petition the council to rezone it, they could," said City Manager Joseph A. Mangini Jr. "But without the Planning Commission's recommendation, their chances are pretty much nil."

The commission is also recommending that the city's Board of Appeals allow resident Tina Waldridge to turn her garage into a barber shop.

A special exception to the town's zoning laws will allow her to run a business out of her home, Mr. Mangini said.


* Emmitsburg: Firefighters from the Harney station assisted Frederick County at a building fire on South Seton Avenue at 5:49 p.m. Wednesday. They were out 17 minutes.

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