* June Clayworth,June Clayworth, an actress who began her...


January 08, 1993

* June Clayworth,June Clayworth, an actress who began her career on the Broadway stage and later appeared in films such as "The White Tower," in which she played opposite Claude Rains, died Jan. 1 in Los Angeles at age 80. Her film credits include, "The Good Fairy," "Married Before Breakfast," "Between Two Women," "Live, Love and Learn," "The Truth About Murder" and "The Marriage Go Round." and "The White Tower."

* Dewey Weber,Dewey Weber, 53, the man who epitomized the "endless summer" of the California surfing lifestyle, died in Hermosa Beach. In addition to being a champion surfer in California and Hawaii, he was credited with perfecting the long board surfboard in the late 1950s and early '60s.

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