Prosecutors drop drug charges SOUTHEAST--Sykesville * Eldersburg * Gamber

January 07, 1993|By Darren Allen | Darren Allen,Staff Writer

Prosecutors have dropped drug charges against an Eldersburg man who was arrested after police found 12 bags of cocaine in a car in which he was a passenger.

Assistant State's Attorney Edward M. Ulsch dropped multiple charges of drug possession and distribution against Lundon Lucich, 22.

Mr. Lucich's case marks at least the fourth time in as many months that prosecutors have dropped charges in a drug case.

Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. threw out as evidence the 12 bags of seized cocaine last month, saying that the seizure was improper because "there was no probable cause to believe that the illegal drugs would be in the defendant's possession when the vehicle was stopped."

That ruling essentially wiped out the prosecution's evidence linking Mr. Lucich to any drug activity.

The defendant was a passenger in a 1976 Oldsmobile on July 17 when officers of the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force received word from a confidential informant that the car's occupants were headed to Baltimore to "buy cocaine," court records said.

Task force officers followed the car from Westminster to I-795. Officers waited for the car to return to Westminster and, when the car turned off the road that the informant said would be used, the officers following the car stopped it.

As they were stopping the car, the police noticed that a passenger in the front seat appear to "stuff something under, or next to, his seat," the judge's opinion said. "The defendant and others were searched and handcuffed while an officer searched the inside of the vehicle."

In the car, the officers found eight bags of crack cocaine. Beside the front passenger seat officers found four more bags of crack.

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