January 07, 1993

Riviera Beach to spend $87,000 for shoreline bulkhead work

The Riviera Beach Erosion Control District is to spend $87,000 shoring up bulkheads along Echo Drive, and Arundel and Carroll roads during the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Plans call for Norris Marine Contractors to repair tongue and groove sheets, construct five small jetties and lay large stone, known as rip-rap, along nearly 900 feet of bulkhead at those three roads.

Gene Hatfield, president of the Riviera Community Improvement Association, set the 40-year-old district's budget after touring the community shoreline with a marine contractor. The budget is to be advertised in the group's January newsletter.

More than 1,300 homeowners in Riviera Beach, Surfside and Rock Creek Estates pay additional property taxes every year to the district to maintain the shoreline along the peninsula between Stoney and Rock creeks.

Mr. Hatfield must send the fiscal 1994 budget for this tax district to the County Council by Jan. 31. Homeowners can alert Mr. Hatfield to other problem areas or inquire about the budget by calling 255-2068.

Police seek witnesses of Marley Station theft

Police are looking for witnesses to a robbery at a Marley Station Mall store around closing time Monday.

Investigators said the robber walked into Wicks and Sticks, a candle shop, at 9:46 p.m. and began asking the clerk about items as she put money into a bank bag.

The robber demanded the bank bag, grabbed it from the clerk and ran out of the store.

Investigators said the suspect was seen earlier in the mall with two other men who might have been accomplices.


* Green Haven: A resident of the 8300 block of Catherine Ave. told police someone stole a 7-week-old puppy from her driveway Monday morning.

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