School board may redistrict in Annapolis, Fort Meade, Pasadena

January 07, 1993|By Monica Norton | Monica Norton,Staff Writer

The Anne Arundel County Board of Education decided yesterday to consider redistricting schools in the Annapolis, Fort Meade and Pasadena areas, despite concerns over proposals submitted by School Superintendent C. Berry Carter.

Over the next four months, board members will have a series of formal and informal community meetings in the affected areas. The proposals involve redistricting students in the Pasadena and Annapolis areas and moving all sixth-grade students attending elementary schools feeding into Meade High School to MacArthur Middle School.

The board must make a decision on the proposals by April 30.

Board member Michael Pace said he did not believe anyone on the board agreed with every point of the proposals. However, Mr. Pace said, he thought a vote in favor of the proposals "for the purpose of review and consideration" would provide greater public participation.

The proposed plans would:

* Create a new attendance area for Solley Elementary School in Pasadena, where a new school is scheduled to be completed in 1995. The plan also would move Sunset Elementary students living west of Stoney Creek, and students who attend High Point Elementary and live south of 220th Street and west of the Turf Valley development, to Solley Elementary.

All High Point Elementary students living east of Green Haven would move to Sunset Elementary. High Point Elementary students living in the communities of Stoneybrook Village and Mount Pleasant would move to Sunset Elementary. Students in the community of Chesterfield will not be moving to High Point Elementary, as originally planned.

Theresa Snyder of Riviera Beach brought a petition with 600 signatures of people who oppose the move of students in her community from George Fox to Chesapeake Bay Middle School. "To take our children out of their community into another community would not provide stability," she said.

* Move all sixth-grade students from the nine elementary schools in the Meade area into MacArthur Middle School, to create a middle school and alleviate crowding at the elementaries.

Several parents and community residents told board members they are opposed to moving the students into MacArthur Middle until they have assurances that a new Meade area middle school will be built.

* Implement neighborhood schools in the Annapolis area -- as opposed to schools whose boundaries are drawn in an attempt to balance racial enrollment -- by moving about 865 students attending Annapolis, Eastport, Edgewater, Hillsmere, Parole, Tyler Heights, Georgetown East, Germantown, Rolling Knolls and West Annapolis elementaries to new schools.

Several parents said they favor the concept of neighborhood schools, but with reservations. The concept would involve resegregating a number of schools.

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