January 07, 1993|By George Neff Lucas

If Bill wasn't sure what a joint meant,

That didn't deter his appointment

As commander of curbs

# On Iraqis and Serbs

Who'd put a no-fly in his ointment.

The DOD once was called War,

Which of course we prefer to abhor;

We now can cut back

& On the means of attack

But the Pentagon hopes Les is more.

When Hillary took her first looks

lTC At the White House's crannies

and nooks,

The First Mate-to-be


Sought places for shelves for their books.

So Bush cover-uppers and friends

Can forget about making amends;

The acquitter-in-chief

' Pardoned liar and thief

And the scandal now burns at both ends.

As President Bush for the door heads,

The Russ and us, formerly soreheads,

Agree it's OK

' To throw missiles away,

But Clinton's still stuck with the warheads.

America may be renewable

If GOP years are undoable;

At least Clinton's aim

& Isn't more of the same

'Cause one thing he's not is metooable.

Republicans can't wait to pillory

As well as deploy their artillery:


' How dare she advise! --

The pushy co-president, Hillary.

Though both jog just short of pell-mell,

Them apart it is easy to tell:

For the coming kingpin,

( While his fitness is in,

His outfitness doesn't excel.

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