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January 06, 1993

State gets back missing plaque found at shop

A bronze highway plaque that appeared mysteriously in a little antiques shop in Annapolis has been returned to the State Highway Administration.

The 30-by-15-inch sign that was tucked among the porcelain, oak mirrors and vintage jewelry at Walnut Leafe Antiques on Maryland Avenue commemorated the construction of the Severn River Bridge. But state officials were baffled how it ended up for sale.

Shop owner Joel Litzky posted a "Not for Sale" sign on the plaque while highway officials spent a month investigating whether the agency still owned the plaque. After the state determined it was the rightful owner, the consignment seller took back the plaque, Mr. Litzky said.

He said the well-known consignment dealer, who wants to remain anonymous, came to him with the plaque, which reads: "Severn River Bridge. Built 1922-1924. General Contractor Eyre-Johnston, Philadelphia." The seller returned it to the State Highway Administration about two weeks ago.

Research center scheduled to open

A historic research center, filled with old photographs, maps, architectural drawings and reference books, will open in the Old Treasury building in front of the State House in downtown Annapolis.

The nonprofit Historic Annapolis Foundation is moving the collection into the building, which now serves as a tour office, after the electrical system is upgraded, foundation officials said.

The renovations are expected to be completed this spring.

The foundation is replacing its individual tours with a taped, self-guided walking tour narrated by newsman Walter Cronkite. The cassette walking tour begins at the Victualling Warehouse Maritime Museum near the City Dock.

Group walking tours still will start from the Old Treasury.

The research center will include original photographs of Annapolis, maps, historic records and a nonlending reference library. It will be open to the public.

Woodland Beach police establish tip line

The Woodland Beach Police Department, which serves Londontowne in Edgewater, has installed a confidential "Tip Line" for reporting suspicious activity within the community.

The number is 956-MAMA and is available 24 hours a day. Callers are not required to leave their names. Messages left on the confidential answering machine are heard only by Chief of Police Larry Vinger.

Calls from outside Woodland Beach will be passed on to the county police.

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