Reagan voted for Clinton, says TV Guide

January 05, 1993|By Newsday

A vote by former President Reagan for Bill Clinton for president surely belongs in the wonders-never-cease department, but a top Clinton inaugural official insists that's what Mr. Reagan did on Election Day.

"Use this only without attribution," the official told TV Guide for an article in the issue on newsstands yesterday.

"But remember when Clinton stopped to see Reagan [on Nov. 27] and got those jelly beans? How friendly they were? Well, Reagan voted for Clinton. I have it on the highest authority."

Mr. Reagan reportedly disliked President Bush's re-election campaign, and there were reports that he was no fan of Mr. Bush.

Cathy Goldberg, a Reagan aide, said, "I wish I could confirm itbut I can't. I wasn't in the voting booth with him.

"If you're looking for a comment, just say:'Mr. Reagan supported President Bush's re-election.' "

The report is one of several by the magazine's Mary Murphy, who writes of President-elect Bill Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's friendship with TV producers Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason, who is producing Mr. Clinton's inaugural events.

Ms. Murphy says she had unusual access during the Clintons' visit last month to the Thomasons' mansion outside Santa Barbara, Calif., a birthday party for Mr. Thomason in Pasadena, and the inaugural planning's inner councils.


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