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January 05, 1993|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff writer

Mount Airy's town council voted to meet in closed session last night with members of the Village of Town Oaks homeowners' association and a town attorney to discuss problems the group has had with developer Jim Frey of Frall Development.

Council members said they would hold a closed meeting after last night's regular session.

In a three-page, single-spaced statement, Laurie Hagar, representing the homeowners, last night during the open session gave the council information supporting the association's stance on the problems.

The homeowners have complained about a lack of fencing around sediment control ponds, tot lots promised but not built, and problems with ice and algae on sidewalk that is continually flooded by an underground spring.

Ms. Hager also contended that the site plan for the development, which includes trees that weren't planted, the missing tot lot and some fences that weren't erected, should be legally binding on the developer.

"The past four years have been wrought with frustration for the homeowners of the Village of Tall Oaks, as we have attempted communication with the builder, developer and the town of Mount Airy to answer questions and solve remaining problems," Ms. Hager said in her statement.

Residents and council members are still trying to determine whether Mr. Frey or Vincent Trombetta, the builder, is to blame for the project not being completed as promised.

Council president Delaine Hobbs said Mr. Trombetta has promised the town that he will pay the association $12,000 to fix the problems and will use the remaining $8,000 of his $20,000 bond to pay for landscaping deficiencies.

However, Ms. Hager said Mr. Trombetta told the association that the $8,000 for landscaping must come out of the $12,000 he would give the homeowners.

Ms. Hager said the group doesn't care who contracts for the work, just so it gets done.

Council members also introduced new legislation last night on senior housing in the town limits, but could not enact it as an emergency measure because only three members voted on it.

Four votes are needed to enact emergency measures.

Council member Oliver Davis was absent and member Marc Nance abstained from the vote last night.

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