Couples wed for 50 years to be honored EAST COLUMBIA


January 05, 1993|By NATALIE HARVEY

The New Year should be meaningful. Not necessarily with the traditional New Year's resolutions. Traditionally, they do not carry too far into the New Year. Perhaps a year of personal commitment would be fulfilling because it is personal.

For example, the Baltimore Archdiocese and the Worldwide Marriage Encounter is searching for couples married 50 years. One couple from each Roman Catholic parish in the diocese will be nominated to be honored on World Marriage Day Feb. 14, when Archbishop William H. Keeler will celebrate a special Mass at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore.

Since many of Columbia's residents are elderly, the honor may be given to one of our neighbors. Names may be submitted by family and friends as well as by couples. Every married couple is invited to attend the service Feb. 14. Information: (410) 377-1831.

Maybe 1993 is the "year of the marriage." Fort Meade's newspaper, Soundoff, is planning a story on romance and marriage about military couples who have been married 25 years or more. They hope couples will "share the secret of their marital success." Columbia is also home to military families. Could be that one of our community families will be honored. For more information, call Cynthia Stevenson, 677-6388.


Taking care of ourselves should be a priority too, and opportunities are varied, designed for all ages and scheduled almost every day and at almost every hour. So, no excuses! For a complete list, times and cost of aerobics, ballet and dancing, call Amherst House, Kings Contrivance Village: 381-9600; Owen Brown village center, Owen Brown Village: 381-0202; Stonehouse, Long Reach Village: 730-8113; The Other Barn, Oaklands Mills Village: 730-4610.

Kidsports, from Diaper Gym to TeenFit, are held at the Columbia Supreme Sports Club, 7080 Deepage Drive, Owen Brown Village, 381-5355, and at the Athletic Club, 5435 Beaverkill Road, Harpers Choice Village, 730-6744 or 301-596-3113.


Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks also sponsors classes that are good for you and fun, too, call Mary Beth Dugan, 313-7280. A number of the classes are held in Howard County schools. For anyone interested in Parks and Rec's outdoor recreation, call Bill Eckert, 313-7254. On Jan. 30 at 4:40 p.m., there will be a "Frosty Tales Campfire" for children of all ages at Centennial Park, Route 108 and Ten Mills Road, Columbia. After a winter walk under the Wolf Moon, children will hear a snowy tale while they enjoy bread cooked over the campfire. Registration fee is $2.

Laura Wetherald, 313-7280, is in charge of Therapeutic Recreation classes and there is an ongoing TREC (Therapeutic Recreation Extended Care) program at Oakland Mills and Atholton High Schools.


Our minds need exercise, too. Howard High School will host the U.S. Navy Concert Band on Feb. 5, and the U.S. Navy Commodores on Feb. 19, sponsored by Parks & Rec.

For the children, and adults, too, Parker Playhouse will present two performances of "Pinocchio," 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., at Howard High School on Sunday. Bus trips are planned for the seniors to Kibby's Restaurant and the G. Heilman Brewery, Baltimore, Jan. 26 and a visit to the Phillips Art Collection in Washington Feb. 5. Be creative. Learn ceramics, photography,jewelry design and quilting at the Columbia Art Center, Long Reach Village Shopping Center, (410) 730-0075.

Many of these classes and events begin in early January and need registration today.


The first 1993 TGIF Fun Night at the Columbia Teen Club is Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Cost is $5 for Columbia teens and $7 for their friends who live outside Columbia. Reservations and information: 992-3726.

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