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January 05, 1993

BROOKLYN — Stephen Harvey

Associate film curator

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Stephen Harvey, associate curator of film the Museum of Modern Art, died of AIDS-related complications Friday at age 43.

A film curator at the Museum of Modern Art since 1972, he had organized major retrospectives and programs on such film figures as Vincente Minnelli, Vittorio de Sica and Joseph Mankiewicz.

His book, "Directed by Vincente Minnelli," published in 1990 by HarperCollins, is widely considered the definitive study of Minnelli and the MGM studio system of his time.

Mr. Harvey's retrospective on the film director Michael Curtiz is on exhibit at the museum, and at the time of his death he was preparing a retrospective of films based on works by Henry James to coincide with the James sesquicentennial in 1993.

* Jerome S. Hardy, 74, a salesman and promoter of commodities ranging from securities to books and magazines, died of complications from Alzheimer's Thursday at the Cambridge Manor nursing home in Fairfield, Conn. During his career, Mr. Hardy was the vice president of advertising for Doubleday & Co., the first publisher of Time-Life Books, publisher of Life magazine, and the president of the Dreyfus Corp.

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