Name: Katy Agro, 14, of Pasadena.School: Chesapeake High...


January 04, 1993

Name: Katy Agro, 14, of Pasadena.

School: Chesapeake High School.

Accomplishments: Katy is on the honor roll at her school with a B-plus average.

Although just entering her freshman year, Katy is already involved in various school activities.

She belongs to the chorus, the American government class' pilot program in volunteer leadership, and the Interact Club, where as a member she was involved in fund-raising events for Hurricane Andrew victims and is currently a representative for the school at Rotary Club meetings.

At the Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School, where Katy graduated in June, she was captain of the cheerleading squad, a member of the Junior National Honor Society, active in the Student Council, a member of the Yearbook Committee, the Music Committee, the advance band class and was voted "Most School-Spirited."

Outside of school she belongs to Our Lady of the Chesapeake Choir, an indoor soccer team in Pasadena and the Cedarwood Cove Swim Club.

Recently, Katy and two friends from the Chesapeake High Chorus sang and entertained for residents at the Chestnut Manor Home for Senior Citizens in Linthicum.

After the entertainment, Katy and her friends helped serve dinner and ate with the residents.

At school, Katy recently made the arrangements for Del. Joan Cadden of the General Assembly to speak to the ninth-grade American government classes.

Katy researched Delegate Cadden, developed questions and topics to be discussed and made the introduction.

Katy is currently working on making arrangements with state Sen. Philip C. Jimeno's office to have the American government classes attend a session of the General Assembly this month.

For the past two summers, Katy participated in the Maryland Leadership Workshop, a summer camp that promotes youthful leadership skills and activities.

For now, Katy says she wants to become more active in her school.

Upon graduation from high school, she wants to go to college, own a business and get involved in politics.

Comments: "I believe everybody should know about other people's background. By meeting new people I am able to educate myself and others. I try to bring people together as one community."

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