County police are seeking clues to recent burglaries Darkened houses in Ellicott City hit

January 04, 1993|By Alisa Samuels | Alisa Samuels,Staff Writer

Howard County police are trying to crack a series of burglaries in Ellicott City, where darkened houses have been targeted, their doors kicked in and items stolen, most often jewelry and cash.

Police are trying to determine if the burglaries are related. About 20 have been reported since September. Most have occurred during early evening hours at darkened houses on or near St. Johns Lane and The Oaks Road, police said.

The burglars may be looking for homes with no lights on, said police spokesman Sgt. Gary L. Gardner. Police are warning residents to leave on porch or interior lights.

"Interior lighting gives the impression that someone is home," Sergeant Gardner said, adding that doors should be locked and secured.

During the break-ins, doors were kicked in or windows entered. Once inside, the bedrooms were ransacked, police said.

There are no suspects and no real clues yet, Sergeant Gardner said.

The burglaries have occurred in different Ellicott City neighborhoods. Jewelry, cash and electronic equipment have been taken, police said.

Police said the break-ins occurred: Sept. 16 in the 2800 block of Dana Court; Sept. 25 in the 9900 block of Old Mill Road; Sept. 26 in the 1800 block of Quarter Horse Drive; Oct. 15 in the 2900 block Greenway Drive; Oct. 25 in the 2900 block of Mont Clair Drive and in the 8600 block Old Frederick Road;

Oct. 26 and Dec. 7 in the 3100 block of The Oaks Road; Sept. 27 and Nov. 22 in the 2900 block of St. Johns Lane; Nov. 23 in the 3400 block of Hickory Drive;

Dec. 6 in the 8300 block of Park Drive; Dec. 12 in the 3200 block of Ramblewood Road; Dec. 16 and Dec. 23 in the 3800 block of St. Johns Lane; Dec. 17 in the 3100 block of Paulskirk Drive.

The most recent break-in occurred between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday in the 8500 block of High Ridge Road. Police said someone kicked in a door, stealing cash, a camera, a stereo and a microwave.

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