No PerspectiveI feel compelled to respond to your Dec. 17...


January 04, 1993

No Perspective

I feel compelled to respond to your Dec. 17 editorial, "Little Rock Econothon," because of its petty negativism. Words and phrases like, "nerd," "dirty little secret," "televised larceny" and "president-elect on display" certainly do put forth a "cynical view."

Give the man a chance! Judging from recent news of IBM and General Motors and University of Maryland layoffs, I would have to agree with Bill Clinton that the recession is not over and that there is much to be done.

I turned to the editorial page for a sense of perspective and found instead some "take a novel approach editor" looking for a snake under every little rock.

Monica Kelly

Forest Hill

Regents Faulted

I was appalled to read about the programs being cut by the University of Maryland Board of Regents. Cutting such basic courses as physics and chemistry at Towson State and French and Spanish at Salisbury State seems inexcusable.

My daughter is a senior currently engaged in making her higher education choice, which includes two Maryland state colleges. She has also looked at several small liberal arts colleges, as well as state colleges outside of Maryland. All of them offer majors in physics, chemistry, French or Spanish, apparently without a great deal of difficulty or expense.

It is no wonder that more and more of the best Maryland students are opting to attend colleges in other states. The University of Maryland Board of Regents appears bent on destroying all of the state colleges in Maryland, with the exception of College Park and its expensive, non-educational research facilities.

We need a new Board of Regents. But unfortunately that will not happen until we have a new governor.

James W. Scouten


Holistic Practice

About 600 American citizens are being left without proper medical care to protect the interests of some physicians who promote unnecessary medical tests for profit.

In this country, where we pride ourselves as being the land of the free, special interests are trying to close the door to alternative medicine.

The problem is that we are being robbed of our constitutional right to choose the type of medical care we want.

The Board of Physician Quality Assurance, prompted by its own interests and not by any specific patient complaints or malpractice issues, has decided to stop Dr. A. Shamim from practicing medicine because the good doctor is very successful in treating patients like myself (I feel I am alive and able to write you this letter because of Dr. Shamim's holistic approach to medicine) without the use of costly medical procedures.

All I ask is that you inform yourself and open the door to a just and fair proceeding. Many lies are being told about Dr. Shamim; we seek justice.

Luis Corvalan

McLean, Va.

Pardon Me

Now that President Bush has pardoned convicted criminals and potentially convicted criminals, can we look forward to his resignation, followed by President Quayle's pardon of Mr. Bush?

How does Jan. 20 sound?

Can we also look forward to an attempt by the Democrats for a constitutional amendment outlawing presidential pardons of law-breaking politicians before the Republicans regain power?

Charles Johnston


Elect the Board

I agree with M. L. Wilson of Lutherville (letter, Dec. 8). It is time for Baltimore County to have an elected school board. I can't understand how the present school board agreed to hire the new school superintendent knowing the reputation he had in Frederick and in Kansas.

He has already made the morale in the schools decline to a low level. Children cannot learn if the teachers are depressed, not knowing what will happen to their employment.

I feel an elected school board would express the feelings of the public better than one appointed by the governor.

E. M. Benson


Rampant Racism

Hang Marge Schott, for what?

To a black male, age 53, America's majority has always shared her views of racial minorities in this country.

Let's bypass the conscience issues of race relations and retreat to the real visage of the human make-up. Marge Schott's views reflect white mainstream America.

If she is forced to surrender her controlling interest in the Cincinnati Reds baseball club, so should every other major league club owner, and every private business owner and sports corporation owner in America. The other self-serving owners have done as much and said as much as Marge Schott.

Why are African-Americans Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Nikki Giovanni (headline grabbers), religious and civil rights organizations up in arms about her comments?

The history of professional sports has reflected societal injustices. Where were their heads buried?

We African-Americans surely have heard the word "nigger" said often enough to know the rage it evokes. And the terms "money-grubbing Jews" and "Japs" are as much the lexicon of the American scene as the debasing of the American flag.

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