WASHINGTON real estate folks are expecting a big year, wit...


January 04, 1993

WASHINGTON real estate folks are expecting a big year, wit a new administration and an almost record turnover in Congress. Thousands of newcomers are or soon will be moving to the nation's capital. And to its environs, which we assume Baltimore now is.

Recently, Roll Call, a newspaper that specializes in congressional matters, published a real estate special section. Its content is best explained by the banner headline on the front page:

You've Got Exactly 37 Days Until Swearing-in/To Move You and the Family to DC. Need Help?

Pretty interesting and helpful section, dealing with neighborhoods in "DC" and its suburbs. But no mention of Baltimore, in ads or articles, that we could find. Yet we're pretty sure that sticker shock on houses in Washington and close in to it is going to send some newcomers this way.

We called an 800 number given in one Roll Call article about relocation services. We asked the woman who answered the phone if it were feasible to commute from Baltimore and its suburbs to Washington? "Thousands do it every day," she said cheerily, and suggested her firm send us a book on the good life here.

So don't be surprised if you start hearing Arkansas accents in Federal Hill, Highlandtown and Towson.

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