Abend rolls county's 1st 800 series Strikes record with 835 score


January 03, 1993|By DON VITEK

Abey Abend of Taneytown averages close to 200, and until this season he split his lane time between tenpins and duckpins.

"This year I'm concentrating on tenpins," Abend said. "I think it'll help my game."

This season he is bowling tenpins in a Thursday night league at Thunderhead Taneytown and the Wednesday Nite Scratch Triples at County Lanes.

Last year he carried a 138 average in duckpins.

Abend doesn't choke. He doesn't take himself or tenpins too seriously, and he just shattered the three-game series record for County Lanes. And he posted the highest three-game series thrown in any center in Carroll County.

Abend came close to throwing back-to-back 300 games.

He was bowling at County Lanes on Dec. 22 in a make-up nTC session for the previous Wednesday Nite Scratch Triples league when he bowled games of 298 (a career high), 290 and 245 for an 835 series.

That easily beat the County Lanes house record of 778. And it became the first 800 series thrown in Carroll County.

"Abend threw 22 strikes in the first two games," said Jim Weaver, manager at County Lanes. "Every one of those strikes were beauties, 10 pins in the pit every time."

In the last frame of the first game, with a 300 game hanging in the balance, Abend came in a little high, leaving two pins standing for the 298 game.

In the second game, in the first frame, he overcompensated and was a little light, leaving the 2 and 5 pins standing. He picked up the spare, and then he took it off the sheet with 11 strikes in a row, for the second time that night, for a 290 game.

He still needed a 212 game for the 800 set. If you've never been in this situation, it's difficult to put yourself in Abend's shoes.

One game that's close to 300 can drain you. Two games that are just a whisker away from 300 can leave you limp.

Abend was relentless. And when the final ball was thrown, he had added a 245 game to the 298/290 for a 835 series.

How long will the 835 record stand? That is a matter of speculation, but several tenpin bowlers in Carroll County have the ability to do it.

But it means that whoever does it will have to average 279, and that's tough.

How tough is it to throw an 800 series? The last full season, 1991-92, the records of the Greater Baltimore Bowling Association, which covers 27 tenpin centers in the metropolitan area and has approximately 20,000 members, show that 800 was surpassed 34 times.

Just five of those series exceeded 835, with the highest being an 845 set by Jeff Harding at Fair Lanes Woodlawn on Oct. 20, 1991. During that same period, 170 300 games were recorded by the GBBA.

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