Senior's 228 duckpin game sets Classy League record


January 03, 1993|By DON VITEK

On Dec. 14, in the Classy Senior League at Fair Lanes Southwest, Marie Kratz threw a 228 duckpin game. After extensive investigation, it appears her game is not only the highest ever thrown in the Classy Senior League, but the highest ever posted by a woman at Southwest in its history.

The 228 stands as the house record for a single game by a woman.

Two on a roll

Two people at Fair Lanes Southwest not only bowl but they bowl very well.

Debbie Windesheim and Carroll Lloyd have a background in the bowling industry, and they are putting up good numbers on the lanes.

Windesheim is a customer service representative at Southwest, where she has been for 3 1/2 years. She lives in Lansdowne with her husband, Bunky, and bowls in the Sunday 98 Rockers league, where she carries a league-leading average of 119.

"Last year I averaged 115, the same as Bunky," she said. "This year I'm having a real good season."

Windesheim had worked for eight hours at Southwest on Dec. 20, and then walked onto the lanes for her league bowling.

"I guess I was a little tired," she said. "And a little relaxed. I just wanted to have a little fun that night."

She posted a first and second game of 126 and 117, respectively, then started the third game with a double. A little later came a three-bagger; in between enough spares to total 196.

That 196 and 438 series now puts Windesheim in the running for the Triple Crown -- high game, set and average. Right now she's leading the 98 Rockers in all three categories.

Lloyd has been employed at bowling centers in Arbutus, South Baltimore and, for the past year, at Fair Lanes Southwest. He keeps the pin-setters in top form and bowls in three leagues.

"I try to make sure that the pin-setters are in tip-top shape," Lloyd said. "I'm a bowler, too, and I know how important it is to keep the game moving."

Lloyd bowls in the Friday Mixed and Match league at Southwest and in back-to-back leagues on Monday nights at Greenway Glen Burnie, the Rowdy Cats and the Monday Doubles.

"Last year I carried as high as 134 in league play," Lloyd said. "This year I've got it up to 140 at Greenway. Bowling back-to-back leagues seems to help, and I know that bowling in a doubles league helps the average a lot."

In October, at Greenway Glen Burnie, Lloyd fired games of 165, 164 and 185 for a fine 514 set. That's still short of his career high game and series of 230 and 535, respectively.

On Friday, Dec. 11, Lloyd banged out a 201 game.

"In the first game that night I had a 102 score," said Lloyd. "I missed seven spare chances in that game. Then in the first two frames of the second game I had spare chances and missed both. Then I threw strikes and spares for the rest of the game, a 201. And then I came back with another poor game, 125. So I shot a 428 series with a 201 game in the middle."

Continuing a lane legacy

A new acting manager is in place at Fort Meade's bowling center, and bowlers there will recognize her. It's Janet Alexander, who had been assistant manager to Bob Griffin for eight years.

When Griffin moved to Aberdeen Proving Grounds bowling center, Alexander took over the reins on an acting basis.

Alexander has been bowling "a long time" and has been a certified youth instructor with the Young American Bowling Alliance since 1974.

The Millersville resident bowls in two leagues, the Monday Morning Scratch at Fair Lanes Ritchie and the Tuesday Early Mixed at Southdale. She carries a 182 average with a 15-pound Hammer bowling ball and has a career-high game of 276, a high series of 690.

Alexander is proud that the YABA Saturday league has approximately 174 youngsters on the lanes each week.

"It's a family sport, as far as I'm concerned," Alexander said. "Anybody can do it, but it takes dedication to be good at it."

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