Commissioners to review environment board rules

January 03, 1993

The county commissioners said Thursday that they will review the recommended bylaws and resolutions that would govern the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board.

A draft of the document was given to the commissioners by Jim Slater, administrator of the Office of Environmental Affairs, who will act as the staff representative to the advisory board.

The advisory panel is to be composed of citizens interested in matters that affect the environment.

"The board was created by the previous board of commissioners just after I arrived here in 1990," Mr. Slater said.

"These bylaws and resolutions will basically establish a structure for the group and give it permanency," he said.

Mr. Slater said the board will offer advice to the commissioners on matters that could affect the environment.

It will consist of representatives from several communities, including people affiliated with farms, development, business and industry, and town organizations.

"It gives citizens input into government functioning in an advisory capacity," Mr. Slater said.

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