Lawyer who spanked women faces new allegations

January 03, 1993|By William Thompson | William Thompson,Staff Writer

EASTON -- An Eastern Shore lawyer who already faces disciplinary action for spanking a former client and a secretary who worked in his law firm is the target of another investigation into allegations of sexual abuse, sources say.

The state Attorney Grievance Commission, which successfully argued in court in August that George J. Goldsborough Jr. was guilty of professional misconduct when he spanked the women and later lied about it before a judge, has opened a second investigation of the 67-year-old Talbot County lawyer.

According to sources close to the investigation, publicity about Mr. Goldsborough prompted several other women to step forward with allegations of unwanted sexual advances while they were his clients.

John C. Broderick, disciplinary counsel with the Grievance Commission, declined to comment yesterday about the investigation.

But several sources said he intends to seek formal charges if the Maryland Court of Appeals does not revoke Mr. Goldsborough's license to practice law.

Investigators "want him stopped, finished as a lawyer," said one source, adding that if Mr. Goldsborough is disbarred, the present vTC investigation will be closed.

In written arguments presented to the appeals court in November, the Grievance Commission called Mr. Goldsborough "an unregenerate and unrepentant liar" and recommended that he be disbarred.

Mr. Goldsborough's lawyers countered that their client had been unnecessarily subjected to a "media circus" of publicity and that if punishment is due, it should be a reprimand at most.

The Goldsborough case made headlines nationally and was featured on a segment of the tabloid TV program, "Inside Edition."

Mr. Goldsborough, once considered the patriarch of the Talbot County legal community, was admitted to the Maryland Bar in 1950.

He has practiced in Easton since 1961.

Wicomico County Circuit Judge D. William Simpson ruled in October that Mr. Goldsborough deliberately lied when he denied spanking two women -- one of them bare-bottomed -- and kissing a third.

The judge concluded that Mr. Goldsborough had violated three state rules governing professional behavior by lawyers.

Oral arguments about what, if any, disciplinary sanctions should be taken against Mr. Goldsborough are scheduled to be presented before the state appeals court Feb. 8. in Annapolis.

The second investigation by the Grievance Commission into allegations against Mr. Goldsborough is said to focus on statements made by two women soon after the lawyer's case became public.

But sources said that several other women have come forward, at least one in recent weeks.

Neither Mr. Goldsborough nor his lawyers, Peter F. Axelrad and Pamela A. Bresnahan , could be reached for comment because of the holiday.

Mr. Goldsborough has put his office building in Easton on the real estate market and has dissolved his law firm to begin work as a sole practitioner.

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