Kids can make pressed flower pictures


January 03, 1993|By C. Z Guest | C. Z Guest,Copley News Service

Pressed flower pictures are a great project for children, especially during the dreary, cold days before the holidays.

The materials you'll need:

* Picture frames (5 by 7 inches) with glass and stiff backing.

* Background -- velveteen is the best material to use; the background color choices depend on the colors of the pressed flowers you use.

* Most important are a good pair of tweezers to handle and place the dried material. Patience and care are the key words here.

* Household glue.

* A small pair of scissors to cut the plant material to the size you wish.

* Toothpicks to apply small spots of glue to flowers.

For tiny hands (and best results), you'll need to flatten your plant material firmly and evenly, but do so carefully.

The two most common techniques for flattening plants are by using books and by using presses. Books are the easiest since they are right at hand. Flowers and leaves should be sandwiched between sheets of facial tissues or blotting paper to speed drying.

Always choose thin plants because they will lie flat and evenly under the glass of your picture. Place your plants between layers of absorbent paper and put them in a book. Add weights on top and store in an out-of-the-way place (away from curious hands).

Most material will be completely dried in about two weeks. Now your flowers are ready to be glued, so let your artistic imagination run wild.

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