Notice To Readers

January 02, 1993

Because of the New Year's holiday, today's Business section contains no investment listings. The weekly market activity listings that normally appear today were in Friday's editions.

Sunday's Business section contains year-end listings that include separate tables for all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ National Market and American Stock Exchange. These tables include 1992 year-end closing prices, changes from the end of 1991, historical and projected price-earnings ratios and the yearly trading range for each listed security.

Annual mutual fund tables also appear, arranged by mutual fun groups and broken into 16 categories of differing investment objectives. These listings include fund dividends, capital gains distributions, 1992 year-end closing values, changes from the end of 1991 and the yearly trading range for each fund.

These tables can be useful to investors who want to study th performances of stocks and mutual funds. They also may be useful to investors who have to reflect investment gains or losses on tax returns.

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