Hardly a 'bad candidate'

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December 31, 1992

IN Bruce Bortz's Nov. 19 column, the highly respected pollste Brad Coker is quoted as saying I was a "bad candidate" for governor in the 1990 election, citing my lack of free media and the selection of my wife Lois to run as lieutenant governor.

I cite the contrary fact that, outspent 20-to-1, we won 12 counties and got the most votes and highest percentage of any Republican race for the State House in the last 24 years. Our message, that the Schaefer years had taken us from a $400 million surplus to a deficit, is now political coin in Maryland, and the issue we raised -- the budget -- is now admitted by one and all to be the overriding state issue.

On the face of it, this constitutes building toward success, not the failure Mr. Coker states the 1990 effort to have been. I am tremendously proud of the efforts made by Lois Shepard for the people of Maryland, which were made in spite of rather considerable put-downs from those who should have known better. . .

If I do run again for governor, and I intend to do so, it will be to explore once again those issues of the state's fiscal ineptitude and the resulting human misery that our people experience. And I will be proud to do it, Mr. Coker, as a "bad candidate" who `` values what every person can be rather than judging people on the basis of their marital status, race, color, gender or place of origin within our state. . .

Bill Shepard


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