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December 31, 1992

Bush's pardons slap in the face of equal justice

There are many reasons President Bush could have chosen to pardon Caspar Weinberger and others implicated in crimes relating to Iran-contra. However, in citing the motivation of patriotism, the president has established a new standard of criminality in this nation that is a slap in the face of equal justice and the rule of law.

How many other criminals will now claim patriotic motives as a defense, not only members of the government but perhaps flag-waving drug dealers and bank robbers who serenade their victims with the national anthem?

In issuing these pardons, President Bush has agaidemonstrated that he is no true friend of democracy. Rather, he has displayed the elitist belief that there is a group that can be held above the law.

They alone can determine what is good for the country and act accordingly without fear of any consequences. The average citizen's role is to accept their judgment without question and to forgive their excesses in the name of patriotism -- as defined by President Bush.

Apparently, in light of his questioning of Bill Clinton's patriotism during the Vietnam War, the president has decided that being our nation's ultimate judge of patriotism is part of his job description.

Samuel Johnson said that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." President Bush's pardons may lead to some overcrowding in that refuge.

Marty Zemel

Owings Mills

No 'loose cannon'

Gov. William Donald Schaefer's criticism of Insurance Commissioner John Donaho's handling of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield fiasco was most inappropriate. Had it not been for Mr. Donaho the Blues would still be on the road to financial chaos.

The Blues' free-spending, over-loaded perks, exorbitant executive salaries, questionable accounting practices and failure to maintain adequate reserves, along with their abominable service and claim denials -- all these conditions reflect gross mismanagement and deplorable arrogance.

If the public had doubts about the Blues, blame the Blues, not Mr. Donaho. His gutsy leadership has brought greater respect for his office and makes one wonder why the governor is not

riding shotgun on this expose.

Mason I. Myers


Looks like America

As one who sincerely believes in the equality of all citizens, I am appalled by the avalanche pouring down on the overburdened, weary head of President-elect Bill Clinton.

zTC Women's groups across the nation are relentless in their preposterous pressures on Mr. Clinton to appoint women to responsible positions in his administration.

They appear to be mesmerized by his predecessor's appointment of several women.

But they have evidently forgotten that Mr. Bush's appointments danced to the noxious tune of vested interests and their ultra-rightist band leader.

Women were appointed by Mr. Bush not for the purpose of representing women's rights or even the rights of men.

They were appointed (as were males) to represent those in our society with inordinate influence and massive millions in maintaining the status quo.

By pronounced contrast, Mr. Clinton's appointments (of men and women) not only are sensitive to women's rights and desires but will represent all citizens of our nation in an earnest effort to make their lives more meaningful.

Mr. Clinton's appointments of women (as proven by his record in Arkansas) is not mere window dressing or an act for public consumption, but a sincere and genuine effort to place in responsible positions citizens of ability, ethics and morality, dedicated to make all citizens proud to call America a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

eon Peace Ried


Where's our pride?

Having just returned to Maryland after a three-month stay in England, I am looking with new eyes at the splendor and loveliness of our countryside.

It is remarkable just how much alike the two lands are in their abundance of natural beauty: rolling farmland, breathtaking valleys, cascading mountainsides, cattle-dotted pastures, dense timber land, energetic rivers, calm lakes and a fascinating assortment of wildlife.

There is, however, one thing that Maryland has in incredible abundance which England lacks -- litter. Every view here offers a disgusting array of fast food containers, beer cans, plastic bags, abandoned car parts -- even worn out furniture!

The excessive amount of garbage that is carelessly strewn about makes me suddenly and sadly aware of another difference between Maryland and England: the pride, respect and responsibility of the inhabitants.

Jaye MacLellan


Holiday distinctions

As I sat here at home on Christmas Eve, I felt I could not fail to react to the Other Voices article, "How Judeo-Christian are we?" by Sam Weiss (Evening Sun, Dec. 23). In some sense I agree with him, but I also firmly disagree.

I think the main issue is that Mr. Weiss sees a conflict between two different holidays and worries that the Jewish holiday will be overwhelmed.

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