Headache, the complaining tummy, the sou taste...


December 31, 1992

THE RAGING headache, the complaining tummy, the sou taste in the mouth. It must be the morning after New Year's Eve.

A politically incorrect New Year's Eve, we might add. Aren't stylish celebrants supposed to choose their beverages from a selection of over-priced mineral waters, rather than from a bar full of alcoholic drinks?

Well, yes. But as in most things politically correct, theory doesn't always match reality. Hangovers, alas, are still with us, and probably always will be.

We concede that if there's one thing worse than a hangover, it's probably advice about getting over it. Earlier this week, The Evening Sun thoughtfully provided readers with a doctor's advice for dealing with the effects of too much to drink.

Plan ahead, he suggested. Eat a meal and rest before the party. Go slow on carbonated mixers. Don't mess with drinks that mix two kinds of alcohol.

OK, fine. But what if we do all that, and still end up suffering tomorrow morning? What about those unfortunate souls who get carried away with the urge to celebrate?

Above all, our doctor cautioned, don't try the "hair of the dog" remedy -- more alcohol will only make things worse. There is only one sure cure for hangovers, and that is time. Have patience, wait it out.

Translation: Suffer, you fool.

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