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December 30, 1992

Post offices slated for closure to stay open through January

Two Carroll post offices slated to be closed at the end of this year will be open until at least the end of January, U.S. Postal Service officials said.

The post office at Detour will close Jan. 23, and the one in Middleburg will close Feb. 6.

Both post offices were supposed to shut their doors tomorrow, ** but there weren't enough people available to close them on the )) same day.

"When you're closing down an office, you don't want to do more than one on a single day," said Chris Garrity, a U.S. Postal Service spokesman."They needed to get someone out there to do the work, so they decided to make their closing dates about a week apart."

"It also gives people in the area a little more time to settle things," Mr. Garrity said.


* Taneytown: Taneytown and Harney responded three times to an automatic alarm in a building on Broad Street Monday night. The alarm first went off at 5:07 p.m., and units were at the scene for one hour and 14 minutes. The alarm was activated again at 7:09 p.m. and 8:29 p.m. Units were out for less than 25 minutes.

* Union Bridge: Union Bridge, Taneytown and New Windsor responded to a report of smoke in a house on Ladiesburg Road at 1:08 p.m. Monday. Units were out for one hour and 12 minutes, and Taneytown filled in for Union Bridge for almost an hour.

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