Circuit enlightens Arena to problem

December 29, 1992|By Alan Goldstein

The Baltimore Arena's latest electrical problem, whic occurred Saturday night during the fourth quarter of the Washington Bullets' game with the Detroit Pistons, was apparently a new one: a transponder that short-circuited a bank of lights on the west end of the building.

"We had the lighting problem corrected with four minutes left in the game," said Rick Moreland, Bullets vice president of Baltimore operations. "But the teams had already gotten accustomed to playing with less lights, and we didn't want to change things again."

Moreland said the latest breakdown had nothing to do with the scoreboard or 24-second clock malfunctions that have troubled the Bullets in previous appearances in Baltimore, where they have scheduled four games each season since the 1989-90 season.

"Actually, we haven't had a bit of trouble with the scoreboard the last two games," he said.

The Bullets have attracted sellouts for the past six games in Baltimore. "Our gross revenue is up significantly," Moreland said. "In our first two games here this season, we're up a total of $50,000."

But the Arena has not been all that friendly to the Bullets, who are 9-8 there the past four seasons.

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