Taxidermist wins appeal on deer-checking station

December 29, 1992|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

A Carroll County Board of Zoning Appeals decision yesterday will allow hunters to continue checking their deer at Parham Taxidermy in Finksburg.

The approval of a conditional business use will allow the owner, Dexter Parham, to hire an assistant if necessary, said Solveig Smith, the county zoning administrator.

The taxidermy shop, operated by Mr. Parham as a home !B occupation at 1903 Bethel Road, was cited for a zoning violation in October after the Department of Natural Resources appointed it a deer-checking station.

"In my estimation, that was too much to allow as an accessory use for a home occupation," said Ms. Smith. "He then filed an appeal to stay our action since the [Maryland Department of the Environment] had already designated him as a checking station."

Russell Smith, a resident speaking in favor of the conditional use, said the checking station off Route 140 is better than the old one at Heagy's Sport Shop on Main Street in Westminster.

"You don't have people complaining like they used to," he said. "The ladies, they don't like to see the dead deer, and you don't have the traffic backing up the alley like you used to."

The approval voids the zoning violation, Ms. Smith said.

In other zoning matters, the board approved Bonnie L. Haines' request to replace an existing mobile home with a larger one at 2618 Manchester Road in Westminster.

Ms. Haines, who is the office manager for D & D Auto Body in Finksburg, will be moving her 26-by-52-foot Century Marquis mobile home from Indiana.

The home, which looks more like a modular house than a trailer, will be placed farther back on the 1.7-acre property than the current 76-foot setback, she said.

Ms. Haines said the existing 10-by-44-foot mobile home, placed on the property in 1958, will be torn down or towed away.

Only one neighbor testified in opposition to the proposal.

"I'm not in opposition to what you have proposed," Gary Lamotte said to Ms. Haines. "I think it will be a great improvement to the neighborhood.

"My only concern is that if you leave in a couple of years and take the house with you, someone else could bring a mobile home and re-create the situation we have now."

Ms. Smith assured Mr. Lamotte that any changes must be approved by the zoning board.

The board also approved a 6-foot addition to a building owned by Frank C. Russell at 2526 Liberty Road in Eldersburg.

Mr. Russell, who is renovating the building to move his insurance business from Mount Airy, needs the exception to create an emergency fire exit from the enclosed porches that surround the structure.

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