Volunteer steps forward to save crisis loan fund

December 29, 1992|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

A volunteer has saved a proposed short-term, crisis loan fund that would pay for everything from car repairs to security deposits, according to a community services official.

Peggie Roland, chairwoman of the Community Services Council, coalition of social service and community leaders, said that after learning that another $4,000 was needed to match a grant for starting the loan fund, a member of the corporate community volunteered to raise the money, starting by Jan. 31.

The volunteer has asked to remain anonymous until conferring with co-workers, Ms. Roland said.

The crisis loan fund would grant loans of up to $250, would include a pay-back schedule, and is meant for people who have jobs but find themselves in a financial pinch when, for example, a car or refrigerator breaks down.

But the fund can't start until another $4,000 is raised. The Community Services Council came up with the idea in 1990 and got a grant of $10,000 from an anonymous local foundation.

The grant required the council to raise another $10,000 from the community, but only about $6,000 has been raised so far.

Earlier this month, one agency proposed using the money instead for a revolving fund for security deposits.

Sylvia Canon, director of Human Services Programs Inc., said the volunteer agreed to using the fund for that purpose if the matching dollars couldn't be raised for the original idea.

However, proponents of the crisis loan fund still supported that broader use at the council's meeting Dec. 16.

After reading a report of the meeting in local newspapers, the volunteer offered to raise the money.

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