Radiologist develops book idea from Elvis negatives at auction

December 29, 1992|By Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO -- Dr. Morrie Kricun, a University of Pennsylvania radiology professor who co-wrote an illustrated textbook a few years ago called "Imaging the Pelvis," has put together a new illustrated book, this time featuring Elvis Presley.

Mr. Kricun, in Chicago recently to lecture at an international radiology meeting, raised some eyebrows among colleagues as he showed off his coffee-table-size effort, "Elvis 1956 Reflections."

After his pelvis textbook was published, Mr. Kricun got the idea for an Elvis book. At the estate auction of free-lance photographer Ed Braslaff, Mr. Kricun, who says he has a "deep love of music," and his wife, Ginny, discovered dozens of negatives of a young Presley, many apparently never printed. Mr. Braslaff had taken them for fan magazines.

The Kricuns bought the negatives and set about making prints and researching Presley's progress in 1956, the year the photos were taken. The result has garnered the Kricuns a few favorable reviews and even a postcard from Louisville thanking them for "your efforts on my behalf" and signed simply "E."

At a recent radiology meeting in Portugal where Mr. Kricun was to deliver a technical talk on magnetic resonance imaging, his host spoke Portuguese to introduce him. "I don't speak Portuguese," Mr. Kricun said, "so I didn't recognize much of what was said. I recognized my name, 'University of Pennsylvania' and 'Elvis.' "

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