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December 28, 1992|By CINDY PARR

In just a few more days, people from all walks of life will b announcing to family and friends their wishes for the New Year and those dreaded resolutions that we all feel compelled to make.

There are many neighbors and leaders in the central Carroll communities who are anxious to share their resolutions and hopes for the year 1993.

Read on.

You might be inspired to make your own resolutions if you haven't already, or you may find one that has some appeal.

By the way, resolutions or not, Happy New Year.


Joanne Sayre is a student and mother of three children who lives in Finksburg.

It is her desire to become more tolerant in 1993.

"I would like to be more tolerant of the world around me. I would also like to resolve that I will be more accepting of those things I cannot change," she said.

Kate Kelly is a librarian with the Carroll County Public Library system.

She lives in Westminster and also is the mother of three.

"My New Year's resolution is to make my entire family laugh out loud at least once a day," she said.

Tom Beyard, Westminster's director of planning and public works, shared his thoughts for the coming year.

"1992 was a very difficult year because of all the changes we made in the city," he said. "There were changes in positions and the combining of departments. We finally have everyone in place, and I am looking forward to seeing how all our hard work pans out. We are set to do a lot of things and respond to new challenges."

Ruth Zimmerman, a volunteer at the Carroll County Farm Museum, said her resolution entails weight loss.

"I want to lose 10 pounds and I am going to start Jan. 1," she said. "I am going to cut down on my food, exercise more and try to walk whenever I can."

George Giese, director the county's Youth Services Bureau, said, "I resolve not to talk about golf within the first five minutes of any meeting I attend next year."

Jolene Sullivan, director of Citizen Services for Carroll County, said, "My office is moving to the Barrel House and my resolution is to become more organized professionally. But personally, I'll never do it."

Cyndie Bare is the mother of two children and lives in Westminster. Ms. Bare, who teaches English at Carroll Community College, said, "I resolve to spend more quality time with my kids in 1993."

Mike Evans, director of General Services for the county, said, "I have the usual -- take 20 pounds off -- but what I would really like to do professionally during the next year would be to consciously strive to pay a great deal of attention to detail. I tend to generalize."

Jeff Griffith, a Westminster attorney and former columnist for the Carroll County edition of The Sun, said, "I would resolve to spend more time doing stuff for me. . . . I would also like to get another column so I could tweak the nose of the right wing."

Ann Petkovsek, a mother of two who lives in Westminster, said, "I resolve to laugh a little more and take things less seriously."

Jim Wise, vice president of sales and marketing for Carroll

County Bank and Trust Co., said, "I have a simple resolution. I resolve to enjoy each day to its fullest and to be eternally thankful for the many blessings that I have."

Good luck to all.

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