Glen Burnie

December 28, 1992

Man, 32, faces assault charge

An officer was threatened with a knife Thursday when he responded to a call from a man threatening suicide, county police said.

When officers went to the man's home about 1 p.m. an

attempted to take him into custody for an emer

gency evaluation, he ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and jabbed it at one of them before he was subdued and disarmed, police said.

The officer, Eric Gennett, was not injured.

Robert William Catterton, 32, of the 100 block of Hammerly Road in Glen Burnie, was charged with assault and assault with intent to maim.

Woman's purse snatched in Glen Burnie Mall lot

Two robbers snatched a 43-year-old woman's purse outside the Glen Burnie Mall Wednesday evening, police said.

According to the police report, the woman was walking to her car in the parking lot at 6:22 p.m. when the robbers walked up behind her, pushed her down and grabbed her purse.

Teens' coats stolen outside Marley Station

Three teen-agers were robbed of their coats at gunpoint outside Marley Station Mall Wednesday, county police reported.

Police said the three victims were outside the Macy's entranc to the mall at 10 p.m. when three teen-aged boys -- one armed with a pump shotgun and another with an automatic handgun -- walked up and demanded their jackets.

The victims complied, and the robbers ran north on the B&A Trail, police said.

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