For wireless sound, try Acrotech's MacStereo


December 28, 1992|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Q. The tiny speaker in my Macintosh just doesn't do it for me. It sounds fantastic when I connect the Mac to my home stereo system, but my wife doesn't like the trail of exposed wires. Do you know of a wireless way I can hook things up?

A. Fortunately, there is a wireless way to connect the audio from the Mac to your stereo system. Acrotech Inc.'s $199.95 MacStereo can send the stereophonic audio output to any sound system up to 50 feet away.

Simply plug the MacStereo box into the Mac's external audio jack and set your stereo system's FM tuner to the designated frequency. MacStereo transmits a stereo FM signal to your stereo's FM receiver.

MacStereo also includes a built-in sound-level control so users can change volume levels without having to leave their desks.

Though most Macintosh business products and games do not produce stereophonic sound, you will hear superior audio with the MacStereo product.

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