Klock's comeback on track at Brunswick


December 27, 1992|By DON VITEK

James Klock is making a comeback. The Columbia resident carried a 205 average in the early 1980s as a member of the Erie Community College bowling team. He had thrown a 290 game and a 700-plus series when it was extremely difficult to post those kind of numbers.

"I didn't bowl for six or seven years," Klock said. "This is my first season back and I'm only bowling in one league."

That league is at Brunswick Columbia in the Wednesday Men's NFL Trio, and his average is 180, which qualifies him to bowl in the National Amateur Bowlers Inc. Tournament.

"I've been bowling in a lot of NABI tournaments," Klock said. "Joe and Lucy [Doctor, directors of NABI] run an excellent tournament."

On Dec 13, at Fair Lane Ritchie in Glen Burnie, Klock got a chance to really enjoy an NABI tournament, as he finished second to Bob Tonelli of Gaithersburg and earned $500.

"I could have won it," Klock said "In the last game against Tonelli I buried the ball and left the 9 pin. If that falls, I'm a winner."

Klock is a left-hander, and the 9 pin is the only true tap for him, the same as the 8 pin for a right-hander.

"But I'm happy to have to cashed so quick in the NABI tournaments," Klock said. "I've only been back [bowling] for these few months and haven't really had the time to practice."

The Secret Service agent was throwing a 16-pound Pro Rhino bowling ball but "I've just bought a Burgundy Hammer that's been fitted and drilled by Walt Cervenka [the pro shop operator at Ritchie]. It feels good, really drives the pins."

All in the family

The young bowlers at Brunswick Normandy continue to post some big scores in the Saturday morning Young America Bowling Alliance.

Adam McDonald, 11, lives in Eldersburg and is a 5th-grader at Eldersburg Elementary.

"Bowling is the big thing for Adam, but that figures," said his father, Stephen. "I bowl, his older brother, Stephen, bowls and his mother works at Normandy. In fact, Stephen just threw his first 200 game in the same league that Adam bowls in on Saturday mornings."

In Week 11 of the season, Adam was 53 pins over average and was chosen as Bowler of the Week.

Adam, who has been bowling for about five years and has a 96 average, was using a new ball, a 10-pound Lazer fitted and drilled at Normandy.

Joe Sennett Jr., 7, a Bantam bowler, was Bowler of the Week for Week 13 in Division I at Normandy with 63 pins over average.

His father, Joe Sennett Sr., coaches the Pee Wee bowlers at Normandy. The Sennetts are a bowling family. Joe Sr., service manager at Columbia Foreign Cars, has a 190 average, his wife, Kim, has a 145, and Brian, 5, is a Pee Wee bowler.

Jerry Oppela, 15, of Ellicott City bowls in Division II, which is home to the Juniors and Majors in the YABA. Bowling for "six or seven years," Oppela averages 121 with a career-high game of 213 and a high set of 536.

In Week 13, he threw a 176 game, 55 pins over his average, and was named Bowler of the Week. Is he doing anything differently?

"I'm using a new 14-pound Twister bowling ball," the Centennial High 9th-grader said. "It's fingertip and I've been using it since the start of the season. . . . And I'm using the arrows for my mark; that's made a big difference."

B. J. Kuehnl Jr. has been bowling for half of his 13 years, and on Week 12 of the YABA season, he had games of 155, 192 and 165. Bowler of the Week in Division II with 62 pins over his 130 average, Kuehnl was still short of his career-high 200 game.

Throwing a 10-pound Lazer ball, the 8th-grader at Catonsville Middle School has improved his average from 116 to 130 in a short time.

His parents, Bill Sr. and Jane, bowl in the Tuesday night league at Normandy. Bill Sr. carries a 166 average, Jane 150.

"The only one in the family that doesn't bowl is [daughter] Wendy," Jane Kuehnl said. "She's 16 and she won't even try it."

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