Cheap DatesI wish to voice my disappointment concerning...


December 27, 1992

Cheap Dates

I wish to voice my disappointment concerning the choice of restaurants that have been reviewed in the Friday and Sunday sections of the paper.

For the most part, they have consisted of pizza parlors, local sandwich shops and even most recently the IKEA cafeteria. Can you imagine anyone asking his/her spouse or date if they would like to go to the IKEA cafeteria for dinner that evening?

Although there have been reviews of some of the major Baltimore restaurants in the past, it would be worthwhile to return occasionally to see if the food, service or chef has changed. In addition, several new restaurants have opened recently in the area, not just around the Inner Harbor, that would warrant mention.

Considering our current economy and personal budgets, knowledge of quality restaurants is very helpful.

Samuel Blumenfeld


Deadbeat Dads

Dennis O'Brien's Dec. 12 article on jailing deadbeat dads alludes to the many intricacies of criminal versus civil handling of child-support matters when sizable past-due support is owed, as it all too often is.

Why are some cases handled criminally and others civilly and on what basis is this decision made?

Given the arsenal of enforcement remedies: tax and lottery winnings intercepts, immediate wage withholding, credit reporting, liens on or seizure of assets and so on, why are million of dollars in back support owed to Maryland children by absent parents who could pay?

Why isn't child support a priority for legislators and children's advocates? Why don't we aggressively pursue egregious delinquents who could pay something?

Why, for example, don't we withhold state permits, including professional and driver's licenses, in cases such as these? Why don't we propose mandatory service for child support delinquents -- as we do for some single mothers?

Why is non-support only a misdemeanor -- no matter how willful the violation or how large the arrears? Given the high costs and dubious benefits of jailing, why don't we take child support from the courts and adopt administrative processes, as many states have already done?

Many of these issues will be raised in the upcoming legislative session; it will be interesting and informative to see how they fare.

Perhaps the lack of attention to these and other troubling questions derives from our collective acceptance of the statement about deadbeat dads O'Brien attributes to a public defender, ". . . these people are not a danger to society."

I, for one, can think of few greater dangers to Maryland's children than a mindset such as this.

Catherine E. Born


The Monarchy

Your editorial, "Royal Soap Opera" (Dec. 10), was in bad taste.

I would expect this type of thing in the old New York Mirror.

The monarch will last long after The Sun is forgotten.

Bill McAuliffe


For Prime Time

I was shocked and furious at the television scenes of Navy Seals and Marine Corps reconnaissance troops coming ashore in a night assault on beaches that could have been defended by forces armed with sophisticated weaponry.

They emerged from the water in a clandestine mode only to be greeted by the glare of kleig lights and an army of media personnel. By this irresponsible act, the news media have once again demonstrated total disregard for the lives of these brave young men, and the TV medium's willingness to sacrifice military lives in order to provide drama for the network news.

Even during Desert Storm we saw live coverage of American planes taking off for targets in Iraq. How gratifying it must have been for Iraq's air defenses that our correspondents were providing them with such accurate intelligence information and defending their actions as "freedom of the press."

If the undisciplined forces in Somalia had been on alert, can we imagine how many of our men could have been killed because their positions were revealed?

I am amazed that our military commanders exercised restraint and did not order a concentration of fire on the lights. If my former Marine commander in Korea, Louis "Chesty" Puller, had been on the scene, there's little question as to what he would have done.

It is time that our legislators show the courage to stop this outrageous and irresponsible behavior of an out-of-control media. We cannot have our young men sacrificed on an altar dedicated to network news.

P. Michael Pezzella


Trans-racial Adoption Policies

In his Dec. 7 letter in The Sun, Bill Barry's suggestion that white families cannot adopt through Baltimore City Department of Social Services because they have had "no white adoptive children in years" is highly inaccurate.

While the majority of the children available are black, the agency makes adoptive placements for all children in the care of the department, regardless of race. Of the 328 children adopted last year from public agencies in Maryland, 127 were white.

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