Betrayed At Stoney BeachBecause I live in the Stoney Beach...


December 27, 1992

Betrayed At Stoney Beach

Because I live in the Stoney Beach Condominium Community, I have been attending the Zoning Appeals Board hearings in Annapolis. This letter concerns the developer's (Sterling Homes Corp.) proposal to build a commercial marina on a parcel of land . . . reserved for just such a purpose. I have attended all four sessions thus far, which have been ongoing since Oct. 1.

On the evening of Nov. 30, I was highly offended and outraged when one of our elected officials testified on behalf of a small group of his constituents, opposing the marina.

Del. Charles "Stokes" Kolodziejski is entitled to his personal opinion as to whether he is "for" or "against" the construction of this marina. The problem that I have with his testimony is that he also represents me in the House of Delegates. Delegate Kolodziejski did not come to the Stoney Beach Community and ask us our opinion. . . . . He, after all, represents all of the people in his district, not just one community.

Delegate Kolodziejski, in his testimony, said that Del. Joan Cadden and Sen. Philip Jimeno were also opposed to the construction of the proposed marina. Neither of these two elected officials polled our community residents for their feelings, so that they too could fairly represent all of their constituents. This favoritism by elected officials is appalling.

After the hearing session that night, I spoke with "Stokes" about my feelings, and his comment was, "Well, I might have lost the votes of the Stoney Beach residents." My response to him was that this is not about winning or losing votes. It is about representing everyone in his district equally and fairly, not one community over another. My feelings are that he should not have publicly taken sides in this issue. Though what he did was probably not illegal, I believe it was unethical.

On that same evening, John Leopold also testified for the opponents. Although Mr. Leopold does not now hold an elected position, I feel that his testimony was also unethical, but for a slightly different reason. On Friday evening, Nov. 27, Mr. Leopold was knocking on doors (mine included) in the Stoney Beach community, soliciting future votes for his possible run for county executive. While he had my ear, why didn't he ask me how I felt about the proposed marina? Why didn't he tell me about his plan to testify for the opponents? After all . . . I'm sure that he knew on Friday that he was going to publicly oppose the marina on Monday.

Is this the way to "win friends and influence people"? I think not. Because he is planning to run for office representing all of the people, it is my opinion that he should also have remained publicly neutral on this matter.

Leo Martin

Stoney Beach

Superblock Plans

After reading the report of the Dec. 7 Superblock Forum held by county Planning and Zoning officials, I feel I must clarify a major point. The "mixed use . . . advocated" was not advocated by "residents," as stated in the article and referred to by officials.

The group voting included some residents, but of the 40 votes cast, probly half or more came from non-residents. That half included a number of architects, developers and non-resident businessmen who do not reflect what residents want, only what they would like to see.

The perception of a number of residents present was that we obviously did not get our message across at the earlier forum. The ideas expressed at this meeting bore little resemblance to the ideas we thought came through loud and clear in September. If the county truly goes forward with ideas based on plans presented Dec. 7, they will certainly be moving on a false lead and wasting money already in short supply.

Muriel G. Carter

Glen Burnie

The writer is president of the Glen Burnie Improvement Association, Inc.

Seond District

I would like to express my appreciation to the voters of the Second Congressional District for the tremendous vote of confidence they gave me by asking me to serve as your representative in the Congress. The support I received from Severna Park, Pasadena and the other communities in Anne Arundel County was tremendous. I will work very hard to earn the trust you have placed in me.

During the next two years, we will have the opportunity to join forces on a number of projects important to you and your family. I am excited about the chance to become a part of this community.

Thanks also for taking the time to join so many of your friends and neighbors in coming to the polls. The record turnout is the clearest signal that you are watching very closely the manner in which your elected representatives serve the interests of the community. I intend to live up to the high standards which you have set. . . .

Helen Delich Bentley


The writer is congresswoman in Maryland's 2nd Congressional District.

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