Yes, Boards Disagree, But Like FamiliesWe read, with...


December 27, 1992

Yes, Boards Disagree, But Like Families

We read, with interest, the article regarding an afternoon meeting between the Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Education.

While the article accurately states all the remarks and comments pointedly exchanged, we believe the article fails to relay the underlying gains of the meeting -- these gains being a much better understanding between the two boards regarding various programs and perspectives.

The joint meetings between the Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Education may tend to be spirited; however, we firmly believe they are profitable. Although we may conclude these meetings with sincere disagreement on the issues, we always walk away with a greater understanding of each other's perspective. . . . Just like in a family, members may disagree on a variety of issues and still maintain a strong sense of respect for the other party.

Media reports that focus on the differences between the two boards fail to communicate to the citizens of Carroll County, the spirit of cooperation and respect that exists between members of each board. . . . Donald I. Dell

Cheryl A. McFalls


The above are the president and former president of the Board of Carroll County Commissioners and the Carroll County Board of Education, respectively. The letter was also signed by all other members of those boards.

Model Planes

This letter is in response to the article that appeared in The Sun on Dec. 13, entitled "Model Fliers Hit Turbulence." That was a thoughtless play on words. It did a disservice to both our group and to the county, was demeaning and uncalled for . . .

The statement -- "The repetitious and very offensive noise, makes it hard to work outside, or to have outside family gathering." -- was made by parties that moved to Carroll County nTC for the peace and quiet, yet displayed the uncanny ability to locate within 75 feet of one of the most heavily traveled single-lane state highways in the Westminster area, namely, the "Littlestown Pike," or Rt. 97.

Conversations in front and back of those homes must terminate when the traffic roars by, causing house-shaking vibrations. . . . Yet, strangely enough, model airplanes disturb the peace and quiet and scare the wildlife! . . .

However, no one . . . has complained of the "school science program." It has been in place for five years, yet the Sunpapers and its educational staff evidently have never heard of it . . . If they did, they would find out what model aviation has, and is, contributing to the educational process in Carroll County with our "turbulence" and "toys."

Raymond K. Miles Jr.


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