Name: Carole Gilde of MillersvilleVolunteer...

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December 27, 1992

Name: Carole Gilde of Millersville

Volunteer work/interests: Although the Salvation Army is an organization working hard throughout the year helping to provide for people in need, during the holidays their efforts are especially noticeable and the need for volunteers is particularly demanding.

tTC It is people like Carole Gilde and her family that help fill the ranks of the army that uses charity and kindness as its weapons.

Mrs. Gilde started volunteering for the Salvation Army last holiday season and continued to help the organization throughout the year by assisting at least once a month with the free breakfast program the Salvation Army sponsors at the Glen Burnie United Methodist Church.

This holiday season, as with last year, Mrs. Gilde says she feels as though she has been working in Santa Claus' workshop. On the average of eight hours-a-day for the past several weeks, Mrs. Gilde and others at the army's Glen Burnie office have been sorting through the multitude of donations that have come into the office, wrapping gifts and preparing them for those in need.

According to Mrs. Gilde, the large number of gifts and donations from people and local businesses this year has been surprising.

At times, she has recruited help from her husband, George, and some of her six children: George, 11; David, 9; and Caroline, 14; as well as one married daughter, Kimberly Everhart of Glen Burnie.

In addition to being an active volunteer for the Salvation Army, Mrs. Gilde volunteers as a Sunday school teacher for ages 6 to 12 at Trinity Bible Church in Severna Park, and last summer she directed the Vacation Bible School program there.

Organization's comments: Peggy Vick, the administrator for the

Salvation Army's Glen Burnie office, says of Mrs. Gilde, "Her nature is an unselfish giving nature. She comes in just like a trooper; she's very well organized. She has excellent volunteer qualities."

Volunteer's comment: "I really feel blessed being able to do this. It's blessed us [her family] to see people giving to other people."

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