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December 27, 1992

From St. John's College to City Hall, from the Paca House on Maryland Avenue to the Arundel Center, Annapolis will ring in the new year with the sounds of gospel, jazz, blues, banjos playing Bach and actors playing characters from history.

The third First Night Annapolis, a nonalcoholic celebration of the New Year, kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Thursday with performances in court houses, auditoriums government meeting rooms and store fronts all over downtown. It winds up at midnight with a fireworks display over the harbor.

More than 12,000 flocked to Annapolis last year for the celebration and First Night organizers say they expect more this year.

Parking is free at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and (( shuttle buses carry passengers downtown, where cars are prohibited.

The round buttons that are admission tickets to all events are on sale at various spots for $10, and refreshments are available at food service areas scattered about.

Here, in verse by contributing writer Phil Greenfield, is a round-up of First Night performances.

Amelia Earhart comes to town; a woman out of history.

Jeanne Latter brings her to St. John's, unraveling the mystery.

Banjos playing classics? Please don't think I'm a dullard.

At Alumni House all evening long, there's Bach plucked by John Bullard.

L Coffee House nostalgia? For your youth you'll sit and brood,

As the Battersby Duo croons the blues or maybe some "Hey Jude."

Dick Morgan's at the King of France, jazz piano to the max.

L Dale Underwood's on Main Street playing Gershwin on his sax.

"Eddie and Eileen will be there dancin' in the street."

As champs of dance, you know they've joined the choreographed elite.

"First Night-First Bite" food courts serve you food that's very posh,

When you start to freeze your fanny off, just stop there for a "nosh."

Gospel Music's on the scene right over at the Marriott!

So feel the spirit, rock my soul and sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot".

Helicon is on the scene with music of great power.

My wife just bought their new CD. God bless those folks at Tower!

Ice Dancing's here for New Year's Eve. I hear it's all the rage.

Just leave it to our First Night folks to stage the whole Ice Age.

Jenny Lin is back again. Last year, she really spun it off!

Her Steinway's tuned; St. Mary's waits for Chopin, Bach, Rachmaninoff.

Katherine Holzer does her thing at Nature Company spaces.

If kids get fussy, Katherine's there to paint and shut their faces.

Look for First Night "Button Buggies" always near performance sites.

200 shows for just 10 bucks; the prospect sure delights.

L "Musikanten's" at Chase-Lloyd; a choral group that "chahms".

You get to ring in '93 with Mozart, Schutz and Brahms.

New Age music often seems forever repetitious.

But with Mike DeLalla on guitar, it sounds downright auspicious.

One-Man Band? Bob Devlin's here to play contemporaneous . . .

Guitar, two drums, a high-hat too, while joking simultaneous.

Poe returns to this First Night, a very welcome fellow.

"Annabelle Lee," "The Raven" too, will turn your nerves to Jell-O!

Quartets of strings are often heard by music's cultured poo-bahs,

But come First Night we'll let her rip with four amazing tubas!

Rockabilly, Martial Arts, and singers oozing soul.

A Griot and a guy who paints while shrieking rock 'n' roll!

Shao Lin's Kung Fu School has folks who jump through many hurdles.

They're coming here to show us that all Ninjas are not turtles.

Tap is one great form of dance. You'll all applaud with gratitude!

When our young stars hoof to New Age Jazz, they'll all be "Tappers With an Attitude."

Unannounced, they sneak right up, those "Living Sculptures" do.

I know you've all run into art. Now art runs into you!

Vanna White? Nah, she's not here. We found an act that betters.

Dr. Engel's at First Night. Now THERE'S a man of letters!

Watch the Duttons do their thing, this family of eight.

At St. Anne's Church, their fiddles fly! You'll think they're really great.

Xylophones we haven't got, but how about marimba?

Our whiz kid plays at Harwood House. His mallets sure are "limba."

You'll never guess who's come to town! At the Court House, "Silent Cal."

A Calvin Coolidge comedy act? Ya' better believe it pal!

"ZZZZ" you'll snore on New Year's Day and miss your brunch you might.

SG But you're snoozing in a worthy cause. It's Annapolis' First Night.

Map key to locations for First Night Annapolis

1. Arundel Center, Hearing Room, Calvert and Northwest streets. (H, R)

2. Banneker-Douglass Museum, 84 Franklin St. (H, R)

Old Post Office, 1 Church Circle (H)

Calvary Methodist Church, 301 Rowe Blvd.

5. Courtroom 1, Courthouse, Church Circle

6. Courtroom 2, Courthouse, Church Circle (H, R)

Courtroom 5, Courthouse, Church Circle (H, R)

Courtroom 6, Courthouse, Church Circle (H, R)

Maryland National Bank, 10 Church Circle (H)

Maryland Inn, Main St. and Church Circle (H, R)

11. St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Church Circle (H, R)

12. Sam Goody Window, 189 Main St.

13. Enchanted Art Window, 189 Main St.

14. Interior Concepts Window, 197 Main St.

15. Champion Realty, 217 Main St.

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