El Gordo number drawn for $10 million

December 27, 1992

Thousands of prospective millionaires lined up to buy their chance at last night's $10 million El Gordo fortune, but in the end, only one will lay claim to the big money.

His or her number: 2185023.

In addition, contestants with ticket numbers 960207 and 129845 will be able each to claim $1 million as the result of last night's drawing. Smaller winnings were gleaned by those with tickets bearing the five-digit number, 83314; the four-digit, 3171; the three-digit, 652; and the two-digit, 65.

Since Thursday, about 400,000 of the $5 tickets were sold, bringing the total to nearly 2.2 million tickets sold, lottery officials said.

They had hoped to sell 5 million of the El Gordo tickets. While not coming near their target, they said studies showed that people who had not played the lottery before were buying tickets.

El Gordo ticket sales yesterday were described as brisk.

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