From The Sun Dec. 27, 1842, to Jan. 2, 1843Dec. 27: When...


December 27, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Dec. 27, 1842, to Jan. 2, 1843

Dec. 27: When Christmas Day falls on Sunday, the succeeding day is, by law, a holiday in the Penitentiary; consequently yesterday was so kept in that institution.

Dec. 31: The universal holiday, for as such as it has long been considered, and more or less specially observed everywhere, is close at hand. Tomorrow will be with us, bringing with it many reminiscences of days long gone by and furnishing subjects for many and varied reflections.

Jan. 2: The year closed in the watch-houses with a small return of drunkards.

From The Sun Dec. 27, 1892, to Jan. 2, 1893

Dec. 27: The German singing societies are great big happy families, and the members make any holiday the opportunity for a reunion. The greatest holiday with them is Christmas and it is then that the children come in for their share of jollifications.

Jan. 2: The old year was bidden farewell and the new one welcomed with prayer and songs of praise at midnight in many of the churches.

From The Sun Dec. 27, 1942, to Jan. 2, 1943

Dec. 28: Plans for providing a well baby clinic and a second full-time resident physician at Armistead Gardens, defense housing project at Philadelphia Road and Erdman Avenue, were announced yesterday by officials of the Baltimore Health Department and the Baltimore Housing Authority.

Dec. 31: Two Baltimore men, Marine Corps Private John Bowers and Navy signalman Francis Joseph Smith, were reported killed in action in the Navy Department's nineteenth casualty list, released yesterday.

Jan. 1: There was a jangled symphony on Baltimore Street last night. Horns blowing in many keys at once, resounded all along the street and echoed in all the downtown area as Baltimore welcomed 1943.

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