That's a wrap, or how to start a new tradition NORTH LAUREL/ SAVAGE


December 24, 1992|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

Our holiday images are outdated: Let's face it, who among us --es through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh?

Rather it's --ing through the malls, with a charge card in my hand, o'er the bills we go, buying all the way.

So I propose some new images and traditions: First, let's all decorate our cars. Yes, little Christmas trees on the --board, holly on the wiper blades, wreaths around the tire wells.

After all, that's where we really spend the holidays, traveling from relative to friend to home, stuck in a traffic jam somewhere on I-95. Bring a tape of carols and a plate of cookies and ta-da, a new tradition is born.

I've yet to go caroling on Christmas Eve. I'll try to hook up with Dr. Ernest Beevers and the First Baptist congregation tonight, but I'm not betting I'll make it. I'm always up until 3 a.m. wrapping gifts and assembling toys.

I propose a wrap party: This year I'll invite like-minded late wrappers, BYOTGR (bring your own tape, gifts and ribbons.) I'll supply the eggnog. We'll toast our paper-handling abilities, lend each other a helping finger when tying bows, take pictures of the gaily colored stack of boxes and make up sentimental songs about gift tags.

Doesn't that sound like a tradition in the making? Merry Christmas to you, from everyone here at Fenscrest.

Planning for the annual June Savage festival has begun. It's hard think of carousels and snow cones, the dunk booth and outdoor music when it's cold outside, but an early start makes for a better fair.

For the past few years, the festival has proceeded smoothly, thanks to the work of commited volunteers who arrange the permits, contact the bands and entertainment, recruit parade band units, and man the booths on festival days.

This year Corinne Arnold and Bill Waff are starting to recruit volunteers early. Can you spend some time on the phone? Set type? Volunteer a few hours on festival day? Have a great idea for a kids booth?

Please call Corinne or Bill at 792-9357 or 725-1089, respectively, with ideas and services you can offer.

If you'd like to help, but aren't sure that you'd know what to do or how to go about it, Corinne has the information on how things were done last year to help you out. Some of last year's volunteers simply cannot help this year, but are willing to provide leads and suggestions.

Cub Scout Pack 345 held its meeting in late November. After entertainment by Hector the Fire Clown and his dog Tag, the members of the troop received the awards they'd earned. The following Wolves received the Bobcat Badge: Paul Gagnon, Eric Lambert, David Redfern, Joshua Rice, John Wilson, Brian Curley, Andy Kolczynski, Shean McLean, David Newton, Nicholas Carpenter, Lark Creel, Jimy Dixon, Danny Gilfrich and Daniel Vucci.

Webelos Clint Gordon and Chris Ousley also received th Bobcat Badge.

Dragons Richard Bodden, Jimmy Hannan, Joe McDaniel, JustiRose and Eric Weber each earned a Communicator, Family Member Handyman and Showman pins. John Corrigan earned the Handyman, Showman and Communicator pins.

Eagles Evan Alexander, Brandon Henderson, Shawn SlocumDustin Steele, Eli Wilson and Doug Woods received their Forester pins.

The Wolverines received an assortment of pins. Alex Williamearned a Family member, outdoorsman, Readyman and Scientist pins; Doug Bosworth got his Readyman pin; Jay Eberhardt received his Readyman, Scientist and Traveler pins, plus a Compass Device; John Lipka earned his Readyman and Scientist pins; Joey Malone received his Readyman and Scientist pins, along with his Compass Device pin; Henry Mesias received his Readyman pin; Kevin Richardson received his Outdoorsman, Readyman and Scientist pins; and John Whitelock earned his Readyman, Family member, and Scientist pins along with a Compass Device.

Congratulations to a hard working troop.

Resurrection Parish in Laurel announces its New Year's EvDinner Dance. Music will be provided by Robbie the Music Man. The parish kitchen crew is serving a buffet and beer and setups. The cost is $20 per person, or $22.50 at the door. Call 792-7982 for more information.

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