3 farms approved for preservation

December 23, 1992

Carroll commissioners yesterday voted unanimously to recommend three farms for inclusion in the state's agriculture preservation program.

The farms' owners are:

* Richard Adkins, 4206 Brown Road in Taneytown, an 84.5-acre dairy farm.

* Clarence and Joan Bassler, 4069 Diehl Road in Taneytown, a 94-acre beef cattle, hay and pasture farm.

These two farms are in an 850-acre area preserved for agriculture, said William Powel, administrator of the county's Agricultural Land Preservation Program.

* Elizabeth Mathias, 126 Clear Ridge Road in New Windsor, a 93-acre crop farm.

This farm is part of a 3,000-acre area preserved for agriculture, Mr. Powel said.

The three farms are the first to be accepted into the county's new Critical Farms program, Mr. Powel said. They also must be approved by state officials before the land can be designated as preserved.

The Critical Farms program was started this year after the state program ran out of money to buy agriculture easements.

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