As time runs out, odd glimpses of Christmas spirit abound GLEN BURNIE


December 23, 1992|By BONITA FORMWALT

We're in the home stretch, holiday-wise. If you haven't bought it, wrapped it or baked it by now, you are probably looking at giving cheese logs to your loved ones.

Although not exactly the Martha Stewart of Glen Burnie, I have made an extra effort this year to capture the holiday spirit and make it my own. For example:

* Motivated by a magazine article promising inexpensive decoration, I wrapped a dozen or so small boxes (49 cents to $1.59 each) in three different colors of foil paper ($2.99 a roll). Then I strategically placed several (10) votive candle holders ($1.89 for the holders and 99 cents for the candle) around the packages. Four hours and $51 dollars later, my sister took one look at the display and asked if my "Altar to Commercialism" was a social statement.

* Concerning this cookie deal. Has anyone ever made 100 cookies from the Toll House chocolate chip recipe? I can never get more than about 40, and I know we didn't eat 60 cookies worth of raw dough. Just how small are these things supposed to be?

* Standing in line at a local discount store, I noticed a woman with two Clappers for turning on the lights. One was the regular ("clap-on, clap-off") Clapper, the other a new and improved two-function Clapper, which requires clapping, stomping and a cough. A week later and I'm still wondering how she determined who merited the cheaper version and would their feelings be hurt Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas, Glen Burnie.


It is always a special event in Glen Burnie when Santa Claus visits the children on his annual Christmas Eve tour of the community. This year, there is a poignancy surrounding his visit as Chick Schulz steps into Santa's boots to continue the tradition that had long been associated with the late William Padfield.

Santa will trade children's last-minute requests for a lollipop in communities serviced by the Glen Burnie Improvement Association. Beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday, Santa will make scheduled stops at the following intersections:

* 5 p.m. -- Georgia Avenue and Maple Lane, Maple and Virginia Avenue, Virginia and Crain Highway, New Jersey Avenue and Oak Lane, Maple and New Jersey, Linden Lane and New Jersey, Linden and Greenway, Greenway and Oak Lane, Greenway and Maple, Central Avenue and D Street.

* 5:30 p.m. -- Circle Browshade Drive, Central and B Street, First Avenue and A Street, First and B Street, First and Maple, First Avenue cul-de-sac, D Street and Second, Second and Glenview, Glenview and Third, Third and D Street, Oak Lane and Second, Second and C Street, Second and B Street, Second and A Street, A and Third, Third and B Street, Third and C Street, Third and Oak Lane, Fourth and D Street, Fourth and B Street, Fourth and A Street, Fifth Avenue and A Street, Fifth and Stewart Avenue, Stewart and Baltimore Avenue, Baltimore and Newfield Road, Newfield and Magnolia, Stewart and Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Wilson Boulevard, Wilson and Theresa, Wilson and Bertha Avenue, Wilson and Crain Highway.

* 6:45 p.m. -- N Street and Third Avenue, M Street and Second, Second and Padfield Boulevard, Padfield and Third, Third and M Street, Third and N Street, Griffith Lane and Third, Fourth and Delmar Avenue, Fourth and Padfield.

* 7 p.m. -- Fifth and Delmar, Fourth and N Street, N Street and Fifth, Delmar and Seventh, Delmar and Ninth, Griffith and Ninth, Griffith and Seventh, Griffith and Fifth, Wimmer and Seventh, Wimmer and Eighth, Eighth and Hamlen, Hamlen and Seventh, Monroe Circle, Oakwood and Blossom, Blossom and

Pine Terrace, Pine and Oakwood, Oakwood and Range, Range and Greenway.

* 7:30 p.m. -- Harford and Delaware, Delaware and Kent, Delaware and Kuethe, Delaware and Garrett, Delaware and Dorchester, Carroll and Biddle, Carroll and Glen, New Jersey and Garrett, New Jersey and Kent, Kent and Georgia, Georgia and Rogers, Furnace Branch Road and Stewart Lane, Stewart and Andrews, Andrews and Marie, Marie and Langley, Langley and Roseann, Roseann and Maria.


Today is the deadline to purchase a $1 ticket for a chance to win that amazing train garden on display at the Glen Burnie Mall. The drawing is scheduled for 2 p.m. today.

The train garden was made by members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church as a fund-raiser for the North County Emergency Outreach Network (NCEON), a nonprofit network of 27 churches and organizations that assists people who have fallen on hard times.

So far, the train project has helped raise $3,000 for NCEON with a projected goal of $5,000, President Melba Reeder explained.

And the money couldn't have come at a better time.

"The need is getting much greater," Reeder said. "Around the holidays, people are trying to buy presents and still make their bills. With food prices rising, the food stamps don't last the whole month. It's like a round robin."

NCEON clients often have lost their jobs or have illnesses in their families and are referred by the Salvation Army, churches or private individuals.

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