Health Notes

December 22, 1992

Therapist in Carroll gets certification

Diana W. Sirken, an occupational therapist with Carroll County Physical Therapy and Carroll County General Hospital, recently passed the Hand Certification Examination, qualifying her as a certified hand therapist, by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

The HTCC's mission is to support a high level of competence in the practice of hand therapy through formal testing and recertification programs. It was organized and incorporated in 1989.

Hand therapy is a subspecialty of both occupational therapy and physical therapy, and deals with recovery of function following hand injuries.

Ms. Sirken has been an occupational therapist since 1969 and has worked with Carroll County Physical Therapy at Carroll County General Hospital since 1990. Her outpatient center is located in the Hunter Professional Center.

Doctor demonstrates surgical techniques

Sarva Girdhar, M.D., chief of surgery at Carroll County General Hospital, recently visited New Delhi where he conducted a four-day seminar on laparoscopic cholecystectomy (lap coli).

More than a dozen surgeons from the Maulana Azad Medical College and the Lady Hardinge Medical College attended the workshop, which provided intensive instruction in the procedure, including seven demonstration surgeries.

All participating physicians were previously trained in laparoscopy; however, removing the gallbladder using this technique is still relatively new in India, where gallbladder disease is a serious problem, Dr. Girdhar said.

The physicians were enthusiastic about the new procedure, Dr. Girdhar said.

The procedures he performed at the two teaching hospitals were a first for the institutions.

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