Eagle Oil pays Hampstead $40,000 Money is for damage from leak in 1987 NORTH -- Manchester * Hampstead * Lineboro

December 22, 1992|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

After more than five years of litigation, Eagle Oil Co. paid Hampstead $40,000 yesterday in compensation for damages from a gasoline leak at its station in town.

The town spent some $27,000 in legal fees and new water hookups to bring the company to task for the 1987 leak.

"We just got our money back. We didn't profit from this," Town Manager John Reilly, told the Town Council.

In other business at last night's council session, members voted

unanimously to reduce the admissions and amusement tax from 10 percent to 5 percent.

At the 10 percent level, the town collected $3,550 in 1992, said Mayor C. Clint Becker. Due to added receipts from Oakmont Green Golf Course in 1993, he said, the town could lower its tax to 5 percent and still collect $22,525. Assuming 4 percent growth, the revenue would rise to $23,426 in 1994.

Mr. Reilly said the town's recycling program reached 23 percent last month, well above the 15 percent minimum required by the county. Several town residents have complained of problems with Eastern Waste, the town's contract hauler. Trash pickup was delayed for a day after the Dec. 10 snowstorm.

"With all the wind we had, Baltimore County probably got some of our trash before it was finally picked up," said Mr. Reilly. "It was totally unacceptable."

Mr. Reilly said he will meet with trash company representatives tomorrow to "discuss what the town expects." Eastern will begin to collect bulk trash in March.

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