December 22, 1992

Collection for the needy One child cut out a picture of the toy he wants; another wrote that she has plenty of dolls but could use a new toothbrush.

Those and other letters to Santa Claus are on display at the Pasadena post office, which received nearly 100 letters to Santa this season.

"As customers are standing in line waiting, it gives them something to read," said Pat Quick, officer in charge of the post office just off Mountain Road.

Mrs. Quick said all letters are answered. Santa thanks the writers for the information, praises them for being good all year and promises to consider the order. The postmark is from the North Pole.

Letters from children who appear to be needy generally are forwarded to the post office in Baltimore; charitable organizations take those and try to send gifts.

However, postal workers in Pasadena have kept two of the letters and are helping provide holiday food, gifts and necessities to those families, Mrs. Quick said. The branch is also sponsoring two more needy families found by letter carriers, she said.

Man claiming car woes bilks several of $20

A man claiming to be a business owner whose car had broken down took several people for more than $20 each when he conned them into giving him money for a tow truck.

Police said the man walked into five gas stations in the Pasadena and Severna Park area and told employees his car had broken down. He asked to borrow $20 and said he'd return and repay them. He collected more than $100 and didn't return.

Pasadena man charged with PCP possession

A Pasadena man was charged with possession of PCP after officers said they found the drug in his shirt pocket Saturday afternoon.

According to a police report, officers were called to a home in the 3500 block of Davenport Court. When officers arrived, they found Joseph William Ballman, 25, of that address, standing outside holding an open can of beer. The officers searched him and found parsley flakes treated with PCP, police said.

Mr. Ballman was taken to Eastern District and charged.


* Venice on the Bay: Burglars broke into a house in the 1900 block of Hiltop Road and took silverware and other items.

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